Merging TEM tilt series to make a full 3D dataset

TriMerge provides tools for the combining of data obtained from a tilt series of electron micrographs into a full three-dimensional data set.


Click here for a full size image of the TriMerge interface (22.7KB)

The conversion occurs in reciprocal space. Fourier transforms of the tilt series, analysed by our sister product CRISP, are combined by TriMerge into a three dimensional Fourier transform sampled in the third dimension. TriMerge also contains routines for the calculation of the full three dimensional structure, and output of the reconstructed map in a format suitable for input to TriView, our PC product for three-dimensional viewing. TriMerge runs under Windows on a PC.

Key Features

  • combines data from tilted views into a 3D density map
  • determine scaling and phase origin relationships at the press of a button
  • interpolate the data in the third dimension
  • convert continuous lattice lines into a sampled FT in a matter of seconds
  • calculate the inverse FT to produce a full three dimensional reconstructed structure, suitable for rapid and convenient viewing on the PC screen with TriView
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