Some key scientific papers in the field of electron crystallography (including some classics):

A recent introduction to electron crystallography is:
Electron crystallography: imaging and single-crystal diffraction from powders
X. D. Zou and S. Hovmöller
Available at Open Access

Classical papers on structure determination in 2D and 3D from EM images

  1. DeRosier, D.J. and Klug, A. Reconstruction of three-dimensional structures from electron micrographs. Nature 217: 130-134 (1968).
  2. Dorset, D.L. Is electron crystallography possible? The direct determination of organic crystal structures. Ultramicroscopy 38: 23-40 (1991).
  3. Henderson, R. and Unwin, N. Three-dimensional model of purple membrane obtained by electron microscopy. Nature 257: 28-32 (1975).
  4. Hovmöller, S., Sjögren, A., Farrants, G., Sundberg, M. and Marinder, B.-O. Accurate atomic positions from electron microscopy. Nature 311: 238-241 (1984).
  5. Weirich,T., Ramlau,R. Simon,A., Zou,X.D. and Hovmöller,S. A crystal structure determined to 0.02 A accuracy by electron microscopy. Nature 382 (1996) 144-146.
  6. Zou,X.D, Mo,Z.M., Hovmöller,S., Li, X.Z. and Kuo,K. Three dimensional reconstruction of the v-AlCrFe phase by electron crystallography. Acta Cryst.A59 (2003) 526-539.
  7. Weirich,T.E., Zou,X.D., Ramlau,R., Simon,A., Cascarano,G.L., Giacovazzo,C, and Hovmöller,S. Structures of nanometre-size crystals determined from selected-area electron diffraction data. Acta Cryst. A56 (2000) 29-35.
  8. Christensen,J., Oleynikov,P., Hovmöller,S. and Zou,X.D. Solving Approximant Structures Using a "Strong Reflection" Approach. Ferroelectrics 305 (2004) 273-277.
  9. Baerlocher,C., Gramm,F., Massüger,L., McCusker,L.B., He, Z.B., Hovmöller,S. and Zou,X.D. Structure of the Polycrystalline Zeolite Catalyst IM-5 Solved by Enhanced Charge Flipping. Science 315 (2007), 1113-1116.

On symmetry and phases

  1. Hovmöller, S. Rotation Matrices and Translation vectors in Crystallography, International Union of Crystallography Series on Crystallographic Teaching, No 9, University College Cardiff Press, Cardiff, Wales, 1981.
  2. Xiaodong Zou, "On the phase problem in electron microscopy: the relationship between structure factors, exit waves, and HREM images", Microscopy Research and Technique 46, (1999) 202-219.

Our programs

  1. Hovmöller, S. CRISP: crystallographic image processing on a personal computer. Ultramicroscopy 41: 121-135 (1992).
  2. Zou, X.D. Electron Crystallography of Inorganic Structures. Ph.D. Thesis, University of Stockholm, 1995.
  3. Zou, X.D., Sukharev, Y. and Hovmöller, S. "Quantitative electron diffraction - new features in the program system ELD". Ultramicroscopy 52: 436-444 (1993).
  4. Zou,X.D., Hovmöller,A. and Hovmöller,S. Trice - a program for reconstructing 3D reciprocal space and determining unit cell parameters, Ultramicroscopy 98 (2004) 187-193.

Methods in quantitative TEM: Correcting for defocus and astigmatism; exit wave reconstruction from a single image, thickness determination, lens distortions

  1. Xiaodong Zou, Margareta Sundberg, Maxim Larine and Sven Hovmöller, "Structure projection retrieval by image processing of HREM images taken under non-optimal defocus conditions", Ultramicroscopy 62 (1996) 103-121.
  2. Hovmöller, S. and Zou, X.D., Measurement of crystal thickness and crystal tilt from HRTEM images and a way to correct for their effects. Microscopy Research and Technique 46 (1999) 147-159.
  3. Capitani,GC, Oleynikov,P., Hovmöller,S., Mellini, M. A practical method to detect and correct for lens distortion in the TEM. Ultramicroscopy 106 (2006) 66-74
  4. Oleynikov,P. Hovmöller,S. and Zou,X.D. Precession electron diffraction: observed and calculated intensities. Ultramicroscopy 107 (2007), 523-533. Defects and interfaces
  5. X.D. Zou, E.A. Ferrow and D.R. Veblen, "Crystallographic image processing on minerals: 3D structures, defects and interfaces", in "Electron Crystallography", eds. D.L. Dorset, S. Hovmöller and X.D. Zou, Nato ASI Series C, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, (1997) 305-312.
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