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RED - Rotation Electron Diffraction

Automatically collect all reflections in reciprocal space in 1 h. Software for turning your TEM into a single-crystal diffractometer for sub-micron crystal.
CRISP crystallographic image processing of electron micrographs.
CRISP allows processing of electron microscopy images both from inorganic and from biological specimens. Functions: Fourier transforms, correcting astigmatism and defocus in CTF, exit wave reconstruction from a single image, crystallographic symmetry averaging and more.
icon ELD quantitative information from electron diffraction patterns
Single crystal spot patterns and powder ring patterns are indexed and quantified. Add on PhIDO for chemical identification and determination of zone axis.
Trice Trice determine unit cell dimensions from two or more SAED electron diffraction patterns.
The input for Trice is positions of diffraction spots, as found by ELD, plus the relative orientations of the SAED patterns. The reciprocal lattice can be rotated and animated.
Triple icon Triple merge and scale 3D ED data, with full treatment of the 230 space groups.
Merge exposure series or different zone axes, using data from ELD. Merge symmetry-related reflections for all 230 space groups. The output can be used for example in standard programs for X-ray crystallography for solving structures by Direct Methods or for structure refinement.
TriMerge button TriMerge Combine tilt series of electron micrographs into a full 3D data set.
TriMerge is used for 2D crystals, just one unit cell thick, such as in membrane protein crystals.
Triple icon PhIDO for phase identification and zone axis determination.
Using a database of compounds, compiled by the user, PhIDO can identify the compound and [uwz] zone axis from an electron diffraction pattern, quantified by ELD.
Space Group Determinator for space group determination from ZOLZ and HOLZ, acquired by Precession.
Space Group Explorer
Download data for all 230 space groups for free.
Equivalent positions, extinctions conditions, phase restrictions, rotation matrices and more.
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