Image processing of electron micrographs

CRISP uses the techniques of crystallographic image processing to extract information from electron micrographs. The techniques are fully applicable to any crystallographic specimen, inorganic, organic or biological.

Easy to use, Productive, Fast

CRISP is easy to install, easy to learn and fast to use. The automatic installation procedure takes only minutes, and we can assure you that you will produce useful results on the same day as you receive it. CRISP uses an intuitive Windows interface, and all common commands are immediately available through a toolbar. Extensive on-line help is available at the click of the mouse.

Crystallographic averaging gives a vastly increased signal to noise ratio which can be further increased by application of crystallographic symmetry.

An electron micrograph of cytochrome reductase before processing by CRISP

image processed by CRISP
The same micrograph after processing
Full three dimensional information can be retrieved by CRISP by processing the micrographs in a tilt series. Click to see the information about our 3D products - TriMerge, and eMap.

Further, advanced processing techniques in the Fourier transform allow correction for the effects of the contrast transfer function, defocus levels and astigmatism. image processed by CRISP
On the left is shown an original micrograph of K7Nb15W13O80. The smaller panel in the centre shows the same micrograph after reconstruction. Now the atom positions (black spots) are clearly visible. On the right is the calculated Fourier transform, showing the level of focus and astigmatism in the image.

Analysis of dislocations

On the left: the original image, on the right the filtered image after processing by CRISP. A dislocation is clearly seen at 9 o'clock.

Key features

  • General purpose image processing
  • 2 and 3 dimensional structure determination
  • focus and astigmatism correction
  • detection and analysis of dislocations
  • rapid forward and inverse FFT calculation
  • combine ED amplitudes from ELD for accurate structure determination
  • fully automatic or user steered processing
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